Early german monorail.
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James Kuyper
2016-01-09 17:20:34 UTC
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The wikipedia article on monorail history gives the impression that the
only German monorail project whose time period matches the pak128.german
monorail is described by the following:
Looking in MapQuest, it's easy to discern the track of the monorail. It
follows the path of a small stream (one that could not possibly carry
any significant traffic, judging from the photos). Is it possible to
build a monorail that way in simutrans? Maybe you could place the stream
underneath the monorail, instead of vice-versa?

It has 20 stations for 13.3 km of rail - this obviously has nothing to
do with simutrans stations. It could, perhaps, be a three-station line,
with the middle station corresponding to the Hauptbahnhof station (known
as Wuppertal-Elberfield station in 1948), which is connected by a 200m
pedestrian tunnel. In that case those three stations correspond
precisely with the stations connecting the monorail system to the
parallel railway system.
James Kuyper
Rick C. Hodgin
2016-01-09 17:29:09 UTC
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I think you posted to the wrong forum, James.

Best regards,
Rick C. Hodgin